Auto Shipping Guarantees and What They Mean

What ‘Guaranteed Pick-Up’ & ‘Guaranteed Price’ Really Mean

One of the hardest things for any shipper to accept is that the Auto Shipping industry is not a guarantees industry. It’s a marketplace that adjusts its pricing and timeline structures according to fluctuating supply and demand dynamics. So, although many Auto Transporters offer guaranteed transport dates and prices, they are still vulnerable to the cumbersome realities of the shipping process.

Guaranteed Pick-Up and Delivery Services

Guaranteed offers can be a little misleading, at first glance, as it doesn’t necessarily mean that your car will travel from point A to point B in whatever timeframe you request. A ‘guaranteed pickup’ may actually mean that your vehicle will be picked up by a local towing or flatbed service to be stored in a holding facility until a long-haul Auto Transport Carrier can be arranged. Similarly, a ‘guaranteed delivery’ could turn out to be a lot more difficult to secure. This is because transit times cannot be guaranteed either. There are numerous factors that can affect a Carriers progress on the road; delays caused by other customers using the same hauler, road conditions, weather conditions, mechanical failure, to name a few.

Price Guarantees

Most shippers expect the Auto Shipping industry to operate like all others; that the price they first see will be the price they pay. As such, a lot of companies like to offer guarantees on the quotes they give their customers. The problem with this is that prices fluctuate rapidly in the Auto Shipping marketplace. Companies guaranteeing prices will, therefore, add a larger markup to their quote in order to provide a buffer for inevitable market volatility. This may turn out well for some customers, but cost much more than necessary for all others. On the flip side of that coin, is the possibility that some ‘guaranteed quotes’ are so unrealistically low that a Carrier would be unlikely to accept it. This would result in the customer’s vehicle never getting moved.

Real-Time Quote & Price Negotiation

It is for this reason that Yellowfin offers a Real-time Quote & Price Negotiation structure so that our customers never pay a cent more than is necessary to get their vehicles moved. This requires customers to be fully informed about the realities of the industry so that they are aware of what they’re getting when they first receive a quote.

A Yellowfin quote will always begin & end with real-time assessments of the current market conditions affecting a customers request. We do not automate the process; all calculations are individually handled by the Dedicated Advisors assigned to each order. These calculations provide the standard, most current rate accepted by Carriers for the shipment, route & timeframe required. Your quote will always be the Standard Market Rate, no less no more.

The Yellowfin guarantee is to then proceed to negotiate with Carriers in order to find the best, available candidate for the job. We also guarantee to keep our customers informed should there be any shifts in the market that may affect pricing. We never lock our customers in with up-front fees. Should our customers choose to decline all offers presented to them, they are free to cancel their order with us at absolutely no cancellation charge.

To receive our comprehensive, no-obligation quote simply enter the details for your shipment into our online order form. If you prefer, you can also contact us at any time through our toll-free service centre at 888-223-5038. Free consultation services are also provided.

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