As Carriers rarely plan their hauls more than a few days prior to departure, we recommend that you book your shipment roughly 3-5 days prior to your desired pick-up date. Although booking earlier could still play to your advantage, Carriers seldom express interest in shipments far in advance.

Due to the numerous variables that could unexpectedly affect a Carrier’s progress during transit, it is very difficult to guarantee exact dates and times for pick-up and/or delivery. Delays caused by other customers using the same hauler, traffic congestion, accidents, mechanical malfunctions and weather are common factors that may cause a Carrier to run behind schedule. Yellowfin will always work to ensure the service you receive matches your requested timeline as closely as possible, however we will never make guarantees to our customers that we are not absolutely certain our partners can honor.

You, or a person you authorize to handle the transactions on your behalf, will need to be present to hand over and accept the vehicle. If you cannot personally be present, we would require that you notify us of this fact prior to pick-up. We would also ask that you provide us with the name and contact numbers for the person/s you have appointed to be present in your stead.

Although most Auto Transporters are only licensed for vehicle transportation, many allow for ‘junk in the trunk’. This means that they will allow up to 100 lbs of personal belongings to be shipped in the trunk of your vehicle free of charge (some may even allow for it to be stowed in the back compartment, below window level). Although your vehicle is covered by the Carrier’s insurance, these items are not and are transported at your own risk. Make sure to receive authorisation for additional luggage prior to pickup. Be sure to always keep the driver and co-driver seats clear of any luggage.

Our payment process is simple and straightforward. We do not require upfront payment for our services. Once we successfully match a Carrier to your requirements, we would then process a deposit. The balance for your shipment will be due on pick-up or delivery. This can be paid directly to the driver with cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

A Yellowfin quote is never automated and has been personally assessed by a Dedicated Yellowfin Advisor. This means that your quote will always be the most current assessment of the Standard Rates demanded by the market at the specific time that your shipping request is processed. This quote is also all-inclusive; covering all taxes, tolls, bumper-to-bumper insurance and door-to-door service. Additionally, you are able to send up to 100 lbs of your personal belongings absolutely free. Be sure to receive authorisation for this luggage prior to your pickup date.

We offer various options, depending on your requirements. Open Carriers are the most popular and economical option for personal vehicles and dealerships alike. For high-worth, antique or exotic vehicles, we also facilitate transport in Enclosed trailers which offer maximum protection. For more information on your options, request a quote and receive a free, no obligation consultation with your Dedicated Yellowfin Advisor.

Although much depends on the time of year and specific route, the standard transit time-table is as follows:
Up to 500 miles: 1 day
500-800 miles: 1-2 days
800-1100 miles: 2-3 days
1100-1400 miles: 3-4 days
1400-1800 miles: 4-5 days
1800-2100 miles: 5-6 days
2100-2500 miles: 6-8 days
2500-2800 miles: 7-9 days
2800-plus miles: 9-11 days

Absolutely. For inoperable vehicles, we can arrange transportation on a truck with a winch. However, it would still be required that your vehicle is able to roll, steer and brake in order to load it onto standard carriers. If a forklift is needed to load or unload your car, you have the option to either arrange this personally or to have one provided for you at an additional cost.

Yes. Although under 5% of vehicles sustain damage during transport, it is best to minimize any risk by preparing your vehicle prior to pickup. As a general rule, it is recommended to remove all loose, personal and after-market items (leave your jack and spare tire). Top off all fluid levels, leave your gas tank no more than half full and ensure your battery is fully charged. Disengage or prepare instructions for any security systems & remove all toll tags and parking passes. We would also recommend that you thoroughly wash your vehicle prior to pickup and to record the current condition of your vehicle with detailed photographs.

Yellowfin assures our clients that a full refund of any processed payments is available at any time, at no cost and with no cancellation fee for as long as the order has not yet been matched with a Carrier. Once a Carrier has been contracted to an order, a shipper is no longer eligible for a refund of the deposit.

Should a Carrier contracted to your order prove unable to deliver on a shipping agreement, we make it a policy to refund any client to whom we fail to provide a replacement transportation solution within 7 days.