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Shipping RVs and Heavy Vehicles with Yellowfin Logistics

RV & Heavy Vehicle Shipping Guide

The transportation of Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Heavy Equipment within the United States requires careful consideration and strategic planning. Whether you are a dealer, manufacturer,

Shipping a Car in Winter

Tips for Shipping Your Car in Winter

As a seasonal industry, Car Shipping experiences its busiest times during the warmer months with a decidedly slower pace in the coldest ones. These changes

Importance of Terms of Service

The Importance of Terms of Service

The Terms of Service effectively forms a contract between the service provider and the user in a way that prepares the user for how the

Auto Shipping with Extra Luggage

Shipping Extra Luggage with your Vehicle?

Many Shippers assume they can pack household goods within their vehicles prior to shipping. Although most Carriers will allow you to ship additional luggage in

Auto Shipping: Expectations vs Reality

Expectations Vs. Reality

“Auto Transport Services”. Sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? Because of this, most people think they know exactly what to expect when booking their shipment. Unfortunately, shipping a

Auto Shipping: Cash on Deliver Payments

Cash on Delivery Payments

There are a few distinguishing features of the Auto Transport industry. Cash on Delivery payments to the Transport Carrier is one of these. Because COD

Auto Shipping Top or Bottom Tray?

Auto Shipping: Top or Bottom?

When hauling your vehicle, is there any benefit to requesting your car be placed on either the top or bottom tray? An Auto Transport Trailer

Auto Shipping Ports and Terminals

Ports & Terminals

Although most Transport Companies emphasize door-to-door shipping, there are two additional pickup and delivery options available; terminal-to-terminal and port-to-port. Here we take a quick look

Auto Shipping an Unregistered Vehicle

Transporting an Unregistered Car

Perhaps you’ve just purchased a car you need to bring home but have not yet registered. Or, maybe you need to move an old family

Auto Shipping when Car Arrives Ahead of Schedule

What if my car arrives before I do?

  Sometimes plans don’t go as expected and you end up being unable to meet your vehicle when it arrives. Luckily, Auto Transportation professionals are

Auto Shipping Minimizing Exposure Damage

How to Minimize Exposure Damage

Although there is a certain level of protection offered to each vehicle by trailer beams, platforms and other cars, Open-Carrier’s cannot offer complete protection against

Auto Shipping Urgent Shipments

Need a Vehicle Shipped Urgently?

If you’re on the clock, pressed for time or need your vehicle shipped earlier than yesterday, the following tips can help you ensure that your

Auto Shipping Pickup and Deliver

What to expect at Pick-Up & Delivery?

  Before Pick-Up Check Licensing While researching companies, you should be able to acquire each company’s USDOT Number (United States Department of Transport) and their

Auto Shipping Documentation Required

What Documents Do I Need to Ship My Car

There are only two documents that you’ll absolutely always need when having your vehicle shipped. However, we’ll walk you through the main types you may

Buying A Car Online and Shipping it

Buying Your Car Online

Buying an automobile over the internet is becoming more and more popular. Whether you’re looking for new or used, classic or exotic, from a dealership

Shipping InOperable Vehicles

Shipping In-Operable Vehicles

A vehicle in running condition is always easier to transport as it can simply be driven directly into a trailer or onto a carrier. But,

Yellowfin Auto Shipping Customer Discounts

Yellowfin Customer Discounts

Yellowfin offers auto shipping discounts to our Early Birds and Repeat Customers. We also provide discounts to many members of our community, including military, first

Auto Shipping Contracts Exlained

Auto Shipping Contracts Explained

Your Shipping Contract outlines the terms of your arrangement with the auto transport company you have hired (be it with a Shipping Broker or directly

Your Boat Transportation Guide

Your Boat Transportation Guide

Every Spring and Fall thousands of boats are transported across state lines or from one end of the country to the other. If this season

Shipping Your Motorcycle

Shipping Your Motorcycle

Whether you’re looking to buy a motorcycle on the other side of the country, moving to another state or simply wish to have it shipped

How To Avoid Auto Shipping Scams

How To Detect Auto Transport Scams

It should first be said that most Auto Shipping companies are legitimate. National regulations make it very difficult for dubious companies to operate successful scams.

Your Rights and Responsibilities in Auto Shipping

Your Rights & Responsibilities

Throughout the Yellowfin website you will see it repeatedly mentioned how we actively encourage all prospective Shippers to familiarize themselves with the Auto Shipping process.

Auto Shipping Pro Tips

Top 10 Auto Transport Tips

1. GET INFORMED ABOUT HOW THE INDUSTRY WORKS A company that is forthright about the way the industry operates is most likely a company you

How to find a great auto shipping company

How To Find A Great Auto Transportation Service

Yellowfin’s Logistics Experts are trained to provide only the most cost-efficient and reliable auto transport options available. However, for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts in our shipping

Auto Shipping vs Driving

Shipping vs Driving

  What are the costs of driving your car across country versus having it shipped? At a glance, when purely considering immediate costs, it’s almost

Auto Shipping Open vs Enclosed Trailers

Open vs Enclosed Trailers

What’s the difference between Open and Enclosed trailers? Depending on the Auto Shipping company you book, you will have the option of choosing between these two

How Auto Shipping Companies are Regulated

How Shipping Companies Are Regulated

There are both state and federal regulatory organizations keeping watch over the Auto Transport Service Industry. An Auto Shipping company must be licensed by the

Auto Shipping Checklist

A Comprehensive Car Shipping Checklist

This checklist walks you through the entire Auto Shipping process from the very beginning of the process straight through to the very end. Grouped into

Auto Shipping: How Pricing Works

How Pricing Works

“Flat Rate” “Price Lock Promise” “Guaranteed Quote” “Guaranteed-Price” “Price Matching”   You’ve probably seen some of these slogans, and more. But why would companies attempt

Auto Shipping Brokers vs Carriers

Brokers & Carriers

Although some Shipper Guides attempt to set one group up as the rival of the other, Brokers and Carriers are in actual fact two sides