Buying an automobile over the internet is becoming more and more popular. Whether you’re looking for new or used, classic or exotic, from a dealership or on Craigslist, the possibilities are endless. However, when it comes to the logistics of actually getting your new car to you, many buyers balk at the idea of an online purchase. In this article, we will discuss the main features of transporting online purchases straight to your doorstep.


Advantages of the Online Auto Marketplace


  • Competitive Pricing
    Supply and demand works in your favor in multiple ways. Aside from the fact that you’ll have access to hundreds of competing private sellers and dealerships, you’ll also find that various regions or states differ in this metric as well. This means that pricing can be more affordable in one locality compared to another. Miami, for instance, has a greater supply than it does in demand. This means that buyers from Los Angeles – where the demand is much higher – can find better deals in Miami than they could in their own region.


  • Greater Selection
    In addition to having access to a greater selection of sellers, you also have a much wider selection of vehicle makes and models to choose from. Though certain models may be difficult to find in your own state, the online automobile marketplace allows you to easily filter your searches within the extensive selection available across the nation.


You’ve Purchase Online, Now What?


  • Contact a Transport Company to book a shipment.
    A Shipping Broker will be the most efficient and cost effective avenue for finding just the right transporter for your required route. However, should you prefer to do the legwork yourself, you can contact Carriers individually to enquire about their credentials, schedules and routes. If you purchase through a licensed dealership, they will usually take on the responsibility of hiring a transporter to deliver the vehicle to you.


  • Enquire whether the Carrier requires you to register your vehicle
    Many states set a limit for how long an automobile can stay unregistered. Some Shipping Carriers may also require registration documents to be presented on booking. If you have purchased your vehicle at a dealership within your state, registration may be handled partially or fully by a representative. Out of state sellers will not handle the process for you and will need to be arranged yourself. In general, however, most transport companies will transport unregistered vehicles without problem.


  • Although optional, you may wish to insure your vehicle prior to transit
    Although your vehicle will be covered by the Carrier’s insurance during transit, it’s also recommended to contact your personal insurer to enquire about whether or not your current policy makes some provision for new purchases prior to being officially added to it. Alternatively, you could add your new purchase to your policy with some basic information about the vehicle (VIN, make, model, year…)


Buying a car elsewhere and transporting it home has become a new industry standard. So much so that dealerships are making larger and larger provisions for out-of-state and international clientele. At Yellowfin, our logistics specialists are extensively trained in this arena to ensure you’re provided with additional expertise and support throughout the shipping process. Reach out today to enquire about how we can best assist you with your next online purchase.