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Need a Vehicle Shipped Urgently?

If you’re on the clock, pressed for time or need your vehicle shipped earlier than yesterday, the following tips can help you ensure that your vehicle transport order is accelerated.


Tips and Tricks for Accelerated Shipping

  • Choose by Reputation

Experience and reputation are always factors to prioritize when selecting an Auto Shipping company, however when you’re on a tight schedule they’re absolutely mandatory. There are no greater guarantors of smooth and efficient service than a company’s track record and battle-tested procedures.

  • Book in Advance

In the Auto Shipping industry, ‘advanced booking’ rarely exceeds two weeks. As most Carriers only plan their routes a few days in advance of departure, the shipping timetable has a high-speed turnaround. Given this fact, Carriers generally fill their trailers within a matter of days once they are ready to undertake a new shipment. Having your vehicle on the waiting list a couple of weeks in advance of your desired pick-up date will increase the likelihood of it being selected sooner by an available Carrier.

  • Be Precise

It’s of paramount importance to accurately describe your vehicle’s make, model and condition when placing an order. To save time and effort, let your shipping company know of any idiosyncrasies, modifications or special equipment that may be required to load your vehicle successfully and on time. No detail is irrelevant.

Be sure to also communicate the urgency of your order to your Shipping Agent. As the Auto Shipping industry is not a ‘guarantees industry’, do not assume that the date you request is the date you will be picked up. Your agent will need to negotiate with numerous Carriers in order to find one that matches your requirements as closely as possible. If the urgency of your shipment is not expressed on booking, your agent will not be able to put the necessary contingencies into play to ensure your dates / times / budget is given the utmost priority.

  • Prepare Your Documents

Having your documents ready beforehand can streamline the process. This can be particularly important when you’re transporting your  car off the mainland to the islands or internationally. Any inaccurate documents or difficulties with import taxes could lead to major delays.

  • Prepare Your Vehicle

Always enquire as to what may be required of you to prepare your vehicle for shipment. This may include cleaning, repairs, removal of modifications and adjusting fluid levels.

  • Be Prepared to Release/Receive your Vehicle Nearby

It may not always be possible to find a Carrier which will be able to deliver your vehicle to your doorstep within a precise timeframe. Due to the unpredictable nature of the business, guaranteeing dates and times are rare to impossible. Your Shipping Company may propose to deliver/pickup your vehicle to/from a town or city nearby to save some time.

  • Be willing to throw money at the problem

For a Carrier to consider taking a vehicle that may be off-route, inconvenient or mean that it would be travelling at half-load, it would need to make economical sense. It can be very expensive for a company to transport one or two vehicle across country. If, however, the price for these vehicles could compensate for the expense, most Carriers would consider arranging priority shipments.

Although numerous factors, outside of your control, can determine your pick-up and delivery dates, so too will your communication, preparation and shipping decisions. The greatest guarantees for the quality and speed of your shipment will rest on your understanding of the industry and the calibre of Shipping Company you employ to advise you throughout the process.




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