Auto Shipping an Unregistered Vehicle

Transporting an Unregistered Car

Perhaps you’ve just purchased a car you need to bring home but have not yet registered. Or, maybe you need to move an old family clunker with an expired registration. If you’re wondering what your options may be for getting this kind of vehicle moved from point A to point B, read on….

When all’s said and done, you basically have two straightforward options when considering getting an unregistered vehicle moved; drive it or haul it.

Drive It

A lot will depend on your state. Some states have systems in place that will allow you to drive your vehicle on a temporary permit until it can be properly registered. Other states do not. So as long as you only need to transport a car on a shorter distance within your state, this could be a great option. If, however, you need to transport this vehicle across state lines, it becomes less sensible. Temporary permits are more difficult to obtain for states you don’t live in.

Haul It

Auto Transportation companies do not require your vehicle to be registered, licensed or insured prior to shipping. As such, this is the best option when needing to move your vehicle across country.

Once you receive your vehicle, it’s a simple matter of taking the required paperwork to your local DMV; you should be up and running within in no time at all.

A quick visit to your County’s website will provide you with all the information you might need to get your vehicle registered in the County where you live. You can find County websites and other information on the DMV Offices and Reservations page HERE.

Should you need assistance with assessing the best possible solution for your vehicle, feel free to dial our toll-free, (888) 223-5038. A Yellowfin Advisor will be assigned to you and will be available to answer all your questions. Our consultation services are absolutely free. At your go-ahead, your Advisor can ensure your unregistered vehicle is shipped quickly, easily and safely.

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