The Importance of Terms of Service

Importance of Terms of Service

The Terms of Service effectively forms a contract between the service provider and the user in a way that prepares the user for how the service works, what is included in the offer and what their own responsibilities may be when utilizing the service. In the Auto Shipping world, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration […]

Auto Shipping Contracts Explained

Auto Shipping Contracts Exlained

Your Shipping Contract outlines the terms of your arrangement with the auto transport company you have hired (be it with a Shipping Broker or directly with a Carrier). Prior to signing, it’s critical you read through the entire document to make sure you understand and agree to the provisions expressed within it. To help you […]

How To Detect Auto Transport Scams

How To Avoid Auto Shipping Scams

It should first be said that most Auto Shipping companies are legitimate. National regulations make it very difficult for dubious companies to operate successful scams. However, with the abundance of Auto Shipping services available today, a variety of scams are still present. In order to spot shipping scams, you should always do your due diligence […]

Your Rights & Responsibilities

Your Rights and Responsibilities in Auto Shipping

Throughout the Yellowfin website you will see it repeatedly mentioned how we actively encourage all prospective Shippers to familiarize themselves with the Auto Shipping process. In this way, they are able to align their expectations with the atypical way this industry operates. We would also encourage you to explore your basic rights and responsibilities before, […]

Top 10 Auto Transport Tips

Auto Shipping Pro Tips

1. GET INFORMED ABOUT HOW THE INDUSTRY WORKS A company that is forthright about the way the industry operates is most likely a company you can trust with your business. The 3-Step, “Book-PickUp-Deliver” marketing narrative employed by most transport companies does not adequately convey the shipping process to a prospective customer. This results in expectations […]

Auto Shipping Insurance: What You Should Know

Auto Shipping Insurance Explained

Your personal Auto Insurance policy will usually protect your vehicle in case of any accidents, theft or other damage. What many Shippers do not realize is that from the moment their vehicle is loaded onto the hauler, their policies may no longer provide the kind of protection they’re expecting. Your vehicle will be covered by […]